Hi There, I'm Casey O'Connor pleasure to meet you!

I'm 19 and I go by He/Him pronouns, I'm a Photography student at Falmouth University, and I hope you stick around to see the work I will produce! 

I was born and raised in the city of Manchester, England and, quite frankly it's a crap hole. I'll skip over my school years by simply saying it was awful, but it shaped me into the pretentious twat you're currently reading! I have many passions and interests I aim to pursue one way or another, but one that stuck with me throughout my whole life is photography!

Recently, I moved down to Penryn to study Commercial Photography in Falmouth University, giving me the opportunity I need to practice my skills and begin to learn everything I need to make my business.

And while it has only been recently that I have been able to act upon this passion of mine, I hope you will join me as I learn, improve and expand my portfolio from a far fetched dream into a career!